Introducing AnimateAI: Animate Your Branding and Product Images with the Power of Generative AI at Scale!

Jan 9th, 2024


Welcome to the next revolution in digital presence and e-commerce marketing! Vimmerse is thrilled to unveil AnimateAI, an innovative AI-powered auto-animator motion designed to breathe new life into your static images. With Vimmerse, your pictures are no longer static - they become dynamic, engaging, and immersive 3D animations that grab attention and engage viewers. Now upgraded with AnimateAI, offering powerful new ways of creating a fully immersive branding experience.

Here’s an example of this feature in action - you can see how we animate three still images (shot from different angles) of a woman in nice clothing, but the output becomes a woman dynamically moving and twirling and blinking as if you had filmed a video!

The Power of AnimateAI:

AnimateAI is not just another animation tool - it's a game-changer for e-commerce, branding agencies, digital marketers, or any business that utilizes images. It is built on top of Stability's latest Stable Video Diffusion models with additional refinements and customizations. Our platform allows you to upload your entire product catalog and, with a single click, transform all images into stunning 3D animation videos. Take product images from static, flat, and boring… and make people feel like present in front of your branded products in the output videos. From retail and fashion to handmade crafts and food products, Vimmerse's AnimateAI feature ensures your products are showcased in the most captivating way. Here are more samples generated from single static images!

Batch Processing and Customization

More and more customers are choosing Vimmerse due to its ability to process images in bulk, saving you countless hours of manual work. The batch processing means you can convert an entire product range into 3D animations quickly and effortlessly. Plus, when selecting AnimateAI we give you 4 animated video variants to pick from for each image. You can upload up to 100s of images in a single batch submission. Results are typically shared within 24 hours as they may be visually inspected and optimized for best quality. Also we offer a complementary customization for motion type, motion range, motion duration, and audio. Vimmerse is the leading platform for batch animation processing making it perfect for large-scale projects and high-volume businesses.

Efficiency and Accessibility

Vimmerse is also designed for efficiency and ease of use. Whether you're a seasoned designer or new to showcasing products and websites, our platform offers an intuitive interface that makes creating 3D animations a breeze. Automatic background replacement, motion controls, a choice of exporting in MP4 or GIF formats, and now AnimateAI are just a few features that make Vimmerse stand out.

Try Batch AnimateAI for Free

Ready to see AnimateAI in action? Head over to our batch form and submit your images, selecting the AnimateAI motion option. Experience firsthand how easy and effective it is to transform your 2D images into mesmerizing 3D animations. Preview the results for FREE - pay for only what you like at a competitive pricing and choose to download.


AnimateAI by Vimmerse is more than just an animation tool; it's a revolutionary way to present your products and brand. In a world where visual content is king, Vimmerse gives you the crown. Don't miss out on this opportunity to give your e-store, branding, or marketing strategy an immersive edge. Try AnimateAI today and watch your business leap off the screen!