3D immersive video


Take your videos to the next dimension

2D video is lame

3D video lets you change your perspective to any position or angle.

Engage your viewers by putting them in control.


Click the left mouse button (or two finger swipe on phone) and drag to see the video from different positions
or click the right mouse button (or one finger swipe on phone) and drag to see from different angles.

3D video made easy

Capture with the app

  • Record in 3D with the Vimmerse Capture iOS app. Available for the iPhone 12+ Pro or Pro Max.

iOS App:

Upload & Share

  • Upload your videos for processing on the Vimmerse cloud platform directly from the capture app or from a browser
  • Stream 3D video with browser playback or player apps (Windows/Android)

Player Apps:

Craft your shot

  • Use the Vimmerse creator tool to create "bullet" videos with creator-controlled navigation, for posting to any social media platform
  • Add effects and backgrounds to your videos using your favorite editing tools like Premiere Pro and After Effects

Creator Tools:

See what you can do

Explore the possibilities on our featured content page.

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