Bring Photos to Life

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Motion Grabs Attention
Vimmerse can turn your photos into eye-catching immersive videos
Boost Awareness
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Animate Your Videos With AnimateAI
Try our AnimateAI motion feature, which will turn your photos into lively videos. You can process four animations per photo through batch submissions.
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Immersive Media Made Easy
For branding and marketing agencies, your product promotions will stand out and immediately capture viewers’ attentions while reducing your cost substantially at scale.
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Make Your Business
Leap Off the Screen
Marketplaces and other platforms can differentiate themselves with better visuals and attract more sellers and customers by bringing their product images to life with immersive videos.
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Show More of What You Capture
Turning your existing photos into stunning dynamic videos is a quick and easy way to offer something completely new to your clients, at very little cost to you!
Available in MP4 or GIF
Background Removal
Animations with motion controls
Batch Submission of +100 Images
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Read what our customers have to say:
“Total game changer”
My experience working with Vimmerse studio was transformative for my social media marketing. Their ability to seamlessly turn static images into captivating animated 3D videos elevated my posts’ effectiveness, increasing engagement and reach!
Michael Lowry
Social Media Brand Manager
“Really helped my business”
The ability to run my entire product catalog with a single click was a big relief and now I’m showcasing our products in a new and engaging way. It significantly enhanced the online shopping experience, leading to 2X increase in customers’ conversions!
Sarah B.
Business owner
“Crazy fun website!”
In the realm of AI creation, working with Vimmerse studio was a blast. Creating and rendering dynamic AI-generated visuals into 3D masterpieces added a new dimension to my content.
Anna Karigan
Content Artist
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