Vimmerse Freeport Platform Beta

The Vimmerse Freeport platform makes it easy to create, distribute, and play 3D video.  

Video technology plays an important role in our daily lives. But despite many recent advancements, we still watch video in 2 dimensions. It is time for us to experience video in 3D, the way we experience the real world.

3D video gives viewers the ability to control how they view content, increasing their engagement and understanding. Many devices are capable of playing 3D video, including phones, tables, PCs, AR glasses, VR headsets.

Most of the 3D content people experience today is computer generated, such as VR games. Why isn’t there more real-world 3D content available? Because it has been difficult to create, distribute, and playback real-world, camera captured 3D content.

Vimmerse’s mission is to make it easy to create, distribute, and playback 3D video content. We enable video creators and application developers to provide their viewers with 3D immersive viewing experiences. Developers can use the Vimmerse Freeport platform APIs to upload and prepare 3D video content and stream it for playback using our player SDKs. Not a developer? Creators can use the Vimmerse website and sample apps, with no coding required.

The Vimmerse Freeport platform is now in private beta for content creation. Registered users can upload video captures of a 3D scene and the Vimmerse Freeport platform will process the captured content to prepare 3D video, ready for streaming. Information about supported capture formats and capture instructions are available here.

Content is distributed in either of two formats created by the platform – bullet video and 3D video. Bullet video is a 2D video representation of the 3D video, following a pre-determined navigation path determined by the creator. Bullet video can be played on any device or platform. 3D video gives viewers the ability to control navigation, where they can pan around or step into the scene. 3D video playback requires use of the Vimmerse Freeport player. Currently, the Vimmerse Freeport player is only supported on Android, but future support will be added for iOS and Windows.

There are many possible use cases for 3D immersive video:

- Bring real world people and scenes to the metaverse
- Experience music and dance performances
- Educate and train with improved student comprehension
- Product demonstrations with greater engagement
- Capture family memories

Check out featured content and try it for yourself.  We can’t wait to see what you will create!

Jill Boyce
‍Posted on:
Febuary 14, 2022