CES and Vimmerse Capture iOS app

At CES 2023, Vimmerse announced the availability of the Vimmerse Capture app for iOS.Visitors to the Vimmerse booth were captured live with the Vimmerse Capture app and could view themselves in 3D immersive video, controlling their viewing position and angle.

Hands on 3D immersive video playback was also demonstrated for a variety of content captured with the app for a wide range of use cases, including music performance, fitness, product demonstrations, family memories, and DIY.  

The Vimmerse Creator tool for Windows was used to create "bullet videos" with creator-controlled 3D navigation, suitable for posting to 3rd party social media services, such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Jill and Basel at CES 2023
Basel showing the Vimmerse Platform at CES 2023

Jill Boyce
‍Posted on:
January 11, 2023